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Teri Carlisle

Realtor Piedmont, Oakland & Berkeley

Teri is a first-class realtor in Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley. She is consistently rated in the top 10 percent of real estate professionals nationwide, offering extensive experience that spans more than 28 years. Teri possesses unparalleled market knowledge (she remembers the house with the green staircase that sold in 1997), and has a proven track record for successfully negotiating and closing some of the most intense and complicated transactions.

Teri's common sense, exceptional integrity and quick thinking enable her to successfully represent her clients in today's increasingly complex and challenging market. Her straight-forward approach has earned her the respect of other agents, who know that working with Teri means a smooth escrow.

But it's not all work and no play for Teri. She knows how to have a good time while staying focused your real estate goals. She is vibrant, energetic, upbeat and determined. She is energized by each new deal, and remains positive regardless of market conditions.

For each client she makes extensive preparation, and delivers on her vision of common-sense solutions, not obstacles. People recommend Teri to their family and friends because she's honest, knows what she's doing, and is focused on making a good home match.

For Teri, real estate is an art, discipline and way of life. She is never too busy to return your phone calls and give you the time and attention you deserve. At the end of your transaction, you will feel that Teri has met every expectation, and anticipated every need. Her goal is to provide you with the tools for making sound financial decisions so you can have both the home and lifestyle you dream of.

Teri understands that this can be a highly charged emotional process, but always maintains a level-headed approach. She possesses an unparalleled mind for negotiations, and maintains her positive energy throughout every transaction, never losing sight of her client's financial situation. She treats every transaction like it was her own.

For sellers her styling, preparations, and tailored marketing strategy will set a home apart from the competition and exceed every expectation. Teri will oversee every detail and manage the project, including color selection, staging, landscaping and remodeling.

For buyers Teri offers creative ways to help them visualize a home's potential and use. She prides herself on finding the perfect home—not just a house—for buyers. That's why many of her buyers are still in the original homes they bought with Teri more than 20 years ago.

Besides her work ethic, it's Teri's zest for life that will grab you. Her upbeat determination, extensive preparation and honesty are what she has built her reputation on. She envisions solutions, not obstacles, that you can attain only through trust, innovation and hard work.

A native of Canada, Teri grew up in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, a rural northern community. As one of six children she learned early how to negotiate, hold her own and provide leadership. Prior to working in real estate, Teri worked for the Royal Bank of Canada, where she held various management-level positions in both Canada and the US. She relocated eight times in her 15-year career, each move involving the buying and selling of real estate. Teri has one son, who is currently studying at UCLA.