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Pacific Union Market Pulse Q2 2017 – East Bay

This one-minute video offers a high-level overview of real estate activity in Pacific Union’s East Bay region in the second…
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A Plea to Homeowners: Honeybees Need Homes, Too!

California’s almond growers generate more than $21 billion in revenue. Without bees there can be no almonds. University of California,…
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California: Home to More Than Half of America’s 20 Most Expensive Housing Markets

The median sales price for an existing U.S. property again rose to a new high in June: $263,800. Marin, San…
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No Vacation Necessary: The Best Bay Area Summer 2017 Events

Summer officially begins next week, and with its arrival, the housing market usually slows, as thoughts turn to vacations instead…
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The Bay Area’s Five Fastest Appreciating (and Depreciating) Housing Markets

The Bay Area saw an average of 8 percent annual home price appreciation from January through April of 2017, according…
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Real Estate Roundup: Is the U.S. Headed for a Housing Inventory Crisis?

Here’s a look at recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious. ECONOMISTS ALARMED BY HOUSING SUPPLY…
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